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golf dress code for women

Golf Dress Code For Women

Golf is sometimes viewed as dull all the way around, especially by women who would rather have fun doing something while being in comfortable clothing. The games can take a long time in dry, hot and cold weather; and the clothes that are worn are drab in color or practically Read more…

make up for golf

Make up on the golf course

Clothes are not the only thing to consider when getting ready to go to the golf course. Women, as a natural rule, like to feel both comfortable and beautiful. Some ladies like to wear make-up all of the time (with the exception of going to sleep). That brings a new Read more…

golf etiquette

Golf Etiquette

Since golf is considered to be an aristocratic game, it is extremely important to consider etiquette. The main rules revolve around dress code, behavior on the field and care of its condition. If you want to join a gentlemen’s club, you should know the rules of etiquette. One of them is the prohibition on standing near a player who is making his Read more…