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Make up on the golf course

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Clothes are not the only thing to consider when getting ready to go to the golf course. Women, as a natural rule, like to feel both comfortable and beautiful. Some ladies like to wear make-up all of the time (with the exception of going to sleep). That brings a new question to light- should women wear make-up and/or jewelry when playing golf or go all natural?

The answer is relatively simple- It depends on the woman. Some women love to wear their long, dangling earrings, necklaces, nails, lashes and color tones when playing sports. Some women loathe the idea, assuming that the added weight of the powders and jewelry will make the heat and humidity unbearable.

There really is no wrong answer to whether or not make-up and jewelry is appropriate attire on the green. If it is comfortable for you as an individual, wear it. You should try not to be too surprised when other women scoff at the idea of the extra color and accessories, though. There are still a large number of women who think make-up and pretty jewelry are not meant to be worn during sports. Surprisingly, some men agree while others simply have no preference.

For those of you that like wearing make-up, even when playing sports- it is probably a good idea to know the weather conditions before you get ready for the day. If it is supposed to be pretty muggy, you may want to use a foundation and colors that are made of lighter compounds than some of the heavier gel type make-ups. Using a colorful lip gloss in place of a thick layer or two of lip stick may be more comfortable as well.

As for acrylic nails and jewelry on the golf course- again, that is totally up to the individual lady. Go with what is more comfortable for you. If you can hold onto the golf club without a problem, wear your nails if you want to. Just remember that golf, like any other sport, requires a lot of movement that dangling items like long necklaces and earrings may not be a suitable match for.

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