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Golf Attire Guidelines For Men: The Must Haves in 2020

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Proper attire is essential to playing your best golf. If you want to score great points, you need to think about getting the right apparel and shoes. Shopping from a name brand golf apparel manufacturer i usually a safe bet. However, it is also a good idea to check with your golf club if they have any minimal requirements.

Footjoy Chill-out – Men’s Golf Sweater

Footjoy Chill-out - Men's Golf Sweater, men's golf attire, stylish golf gear for men

This FootJoy thermal mid-layer clothing is a reliable protection for tricky conditions. In order to be prepared for changing weather conditions on the golf course, you have to have an item like this in your inventory. The half-zip is very convenient for a quick change during your sports practice. Also, there’s enhanced protection for your neck during windy conditions.

Your swings will not be influenced by extra clothing. It is made of breathable fabric that allows for efficient warmth distribution. At the same time, the moisture will not be trapped inside. The stylish design is complemented by durable stretch fabric that adapts to your swings and doesn’t withhold any of your efforts.

Four Dot Jacquard Men’s polo shirt

This FootJoy 4 Dot Jacquard Self Collar item has a proven history of success among performance players and amateurs. The classy look is complement by high-quality fabric that

doesn’t hinder any movements. It is machine-washable and even grass stains will wash out easily in warm water.

The 3-button polo works great for warm weather. It won’t stop you from scoring big points and looking stylish at the same time. The durability of the shirt is provided by double-stitched seams. This anti-microbial protective finish keeps under control the level of moisture.

The Best Men’s Golf Shoes of 2020

FootJoy Men's Pro/Sl Golf Shoes-Previous Season Style review

The classic FootJoy Men’s Pro/SI Golf Shoes are perfect for those who want to score maximum points.

The athletic profile and outsole with increased stability and grip will process every bump. Even the trickiest conditions won’t stand a chance against the cushioning system and waterproof leather. The small spikes for extra traction will help you concentrate your effort on powerful swings.

You can experience maximum comfort with the thick and soft insole and a slight toe spring for extra stability. Laces are associated with quality and class. This model represents a blend of traditional design and fully functional element

FootJoy Men’s Tour X Boa Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men's Tour X Boa Golf Shoes review

These FootJoy Tour X Golf Shoes offers a unique experience on the golf course. The highest level of quality is provided by special leather with waterproof protection. This guarantees top performance in any weather conditions.

A unique platform design of the outsole guarantees the increased precision of your swings. It’s soft but durable at the same time. Every step on the golf course is assisted by this special platform with frontal, lateral, and back stability control.

The design of the powerstrap model is impeccable. All the elements that go into it were created to increase your confidence even on the wet surface.

Athalonz Golf- EnVe Spikeless Shoes

Athalonz sponsored World Long Drive professional golfers

Athalonz is a sport company that manufactures a variety of sporting equipment. Although Athalonz is relatively new to the marketplace, they quickly established brand likeability and trust of golf lovers owing to the high quality of the sport equipment they offer.

Inspired by pro golfer, Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoes is the perfect choice for those who want to build an athletic golf swing.

The Athalonz Enve not only fits various styles of outfit but is also packed with some untraditional features such as a unique support bootie and a toe box.

The golf shoes is also equipped with premium grade phylon midsole and natural flex zone for maximum comfort throughtout the game. The sole of the shoe features a spike-less design with varying patterns to improve grip and stability on the golf course.


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