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Golf Etiquette

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golf etiquette

Since golf is considered to be an aristocratic game, it is extremely important to consider etiquette. The main rules revolve around dress code, behavior on the field and care of its condition.

If you want to join a gentlemen’s club, you should know the rules of etiquette. One of them is the prohibition on standing near a player who is making his golf swing, to interfere with his movements or conversations. Follow the safety rules – until the previous group moves away to a safe distance, you should not start the game. Patting Green (driving range for patt training) should be cleared as soon as all players in your group have passed the hole. If a group is playing faster than you, skip ahead.

Turfgrass needs to be constantly restored and your traces – leveled. Pay attention to the „patting” lines of other players, do not stand on them. The drivers do not need to enter the „patting green”, and the flag should be put carefully in place.

Gentleman’s game is based on the idea of standard. On each hole, the player must make a certain number of hits (3 hits if the distance from “teeing ground” to the “patting green” is up to 260 meters; 4 strokes if the distance is from 200 to 400 meters; and 5 strokes if the distance is more than 400 meters). This is called a “pair” of a hole. The sum of the “pair” of all holes is the total “pair” of the field (72 strokes for a standard 18-hole field). It is clear that a person can play better or worse than a “pair”.

The golf course is truly a work of landscape art. Everything here should be natural – ponds, islands, ravines and forest belts, but at the same time subject to the harsh laws of the genre and traditions (the nature of the turfgrass, the height of the grass, the size of the bunkers, water obstacles, etc.). The player is expected to respect the field, its aesthetics and condition.


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